Hot Appetizers

A1. Gyoza
   Japanese pan fried pork dumplings
A2. Edamame
   Cooked green soybeans with salt
A3. Harumaki
   Japanese spring roll (vegetarian)
A4. Crab Rangoon
A5. Shrimp Shumai
   Japanese steamed shrimp dumplings
A6. Fried Scallop
   Crispy batter fried scallops
A7. Beef or Chicken Negimaki
   Sliced beef or chicken roll with bacon, asparagus, and scallion
in teriyaki sauce
A8. Vegetable Tempura
   Assorted veggies crispy battered fried
A9. Shrimp Tempura
   Battered shrimp and vegetables
A10. Chicken Tempura
   Battered chicken and vegetables
A11. Soft Shell Crab
   Deep fried soft crab served with sweet sauce
A12. Fried Calamari
A13. Yam Tempura
   Battered fried sweet potatoes
A14. Age Tofu
   Deep fried bean curd served with sweet sauce
A15. Grilled Salmon or Tuna
    Grilled fresh tuna or salmon served with special seafood sauce     
A16. Coconut Shrimp     
A17. Chicken Lettuce Wrap
    Wok-seared chicken, mushroom, green onions, red bell pepper and water chestnuts over crispy rice noodles w/ crispy lettuce wrap   

Sushi Appetizers

A18. Karashi Conch
Conch, avocado, cucumber, with chef’s spicy vinegar sauce, no rice
A19. Karashi Octopus
   Octopus, avocado, cucumber, with chef’s spicy vinegar sauce, no rice     
A20. Karashi Tuna or Salmon
   Fresh tuna or salmon, avocado, cucumber, with chef’s spicy vinegar
sauce, no rice

A21. Karashi Mixed
   Assorted fish and octopus in chef’s spicy vinegar sauce, no rice
A22. Sushi Sampler
   Five pieces of assorted sushi
A23. Sashimi Sampler
   Seven pieces of assorted sliced fish
A24. Usuzukuri
   Thinly sliced raw fish served with ponzu sauce, select from:
a) Snapper/White Tuna or b) Tuna/Salmon
A25. Salmon or Tuna Tataki
   Seared salmon or tuna with spicy sauce