Hibachi Lunch

*Hibachi lunch served with Fuji Onion Soup or House Salad, Hibachi Mixed Vegetables, and Fried Rice

H1. Hibachi Chicken  
H2. Hibachi Shrimp  
H3. Hibachi Salmon  
H4. Hibachi Steak
H5. Filet Mignon  
H6. Hibachi Scallop  
H7. Sukiyaki Steak  
H8. Noodle Lovers  
H9. Steak & Chicken  
H10. Steak & Shrimp  
H11. Chicken & Shrimp       
H12. Tuna Steak  

Sushi Lunch

*All sushi lunches served with Miso Soup or House Salad

Sushi Lunch
5 pieces of assorted sushi and 1 California roll
Sashimi Lunch
7 pieces of assorted sliced fish and 1 California roll
Sushi & Sashimi Lunch
4 pieces of sashimi, 4 pieces of sushi, and 1 California roll

Sushi Roll Lunch Combos

*All combos served with Miso Soup or House Salad

Tuna Roll
California Roll
Salmon Roll
Yellowtail Roll
Crabmeat Roll
Cucumber Roll
Avocado Roll
Asparagus Roll
Oshinko Roll (Japanese pickled radish)
Teriyaki Roll (chicken tempura roll)
Shiitake Roll (Japanese mushroom)
Ebi Roll (boiled shrimp roll)
Eel Roll (eel, cucumber, and avocado)
New York Roll (crispy salmon skin, cucumber, and eel sauce)
Hollywood Roll (crab meat, cream cheese, cucumber, and avocado)
Boston Roll (shrimp, cucumber, lettuce, and spicy mayo)
Sweet Potato Roll
Alaskan Roll
Philadelphia Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll
Spicy Salmon Roll
Spicy Yellowtail Roll
Shrimp Tempura Roll
Fish Tempura Roll
Choose any 2 different rolls

Choose any 3 different rolls


Lunch Entrées

*Lunch Entrées served with Fuji Onion Soup or House Salad, and Fried Rice

1. Chicken Teriyaki  
2. Salmon Teriyaki  
3. Beef Teriyaki  
4. Shrimp Lamen (spicy Japanese noodle soup), no rice      
5. Chicken Yaki Udon, no rice  
6. Beef Negimaki  
7. Special Diet Menu (steamed vegetables)  

Lunch Bento Boxes

*Bento Boxes served with Fuji Onion Soup or House Salad, 6 piece California Roll, Fruit, and Fried Rice

B1. Chicken Teriyaki  
B2. Beef Teriyaki  
B3. Salmon Teriyaki  
B4. Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura
B5. Chicken & Vegetable Tempura       


Green Tea  
Soda, Iced Tea, or Coffee  
Cranberry Juice  
Orange Juice  
Apple Juice  
Aloha Soda (Ramune)
   Classic Japanese soda with a “pop”     

Sweet List

*Dessert menu available upon request

Chocolate Overload Torte  
Carrot Cake
NY Style Cheesecake
Strawberry Lace Cheesecake
Pecan Turtle Cheesecake
Ice Cream Tempura (Green tea or Vanilla)
Ice Cream (Green Tea, Red bean, or Vanilla)
Mochi Ice Cream (Green tea, Red bean, or Mango)