SR1. Fuji Roll
   Shrimp tempura topped with eel and avocado with eel sauce
SR2. Fire Island
   Shrimp tempura and avocado topped with spicy tuna, eel sauce,
and spicy mayo
SR3. Crazy Tuna
Tuna, cucumber, and avocado topped with spicy tuna, crunchy,
and spicy
SR4. Volcano Roll
   Spicy yellowtail, cucumber, and avocado, topped with crunchy flake,
and spicy chili sauce
SR5. Rainbow Roll
   California roll topped with tuna, salmon, red snapper, and white tuna,
avocado, and scallion, uzu sauce
SR6. Dragon Roll
   Eel and cucumber topped with avocado eel sauce
SR7. Dream Roll
   Shrimp tempura, tamago, avocado, cucumber and tobiko with eel sauce
SR8. Spider Roll
Fried soft shell crab, lettuce, cucumber, and spicy mayo with eel sauce
SR9. Eau Claire Roll
   Shrimp tempura cucumber, crabmeat topped w/ avocado, mango, tuna, super white tuna, jalapeno, tobiko & sauce on the side
SR10. Super Crunchy Roll
   Assorted fish, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, tobiko, and scallion
mayo topped with eel sauce and spicy mayo
SR11. Highland Roll
   Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, topped with toasted spicy crab meat,
   shrimp, scallop, with eel sauce
SR12. Fancy Rainbow
   Salmon, tuna, cucumber inside, topped with white tuna, tuna, salmon, red
   snapper, avocado, and four different colors of tobiko, with chili, mayo,
   and wasabi mayo
SR13. Crawfish Roll
   Light spicy crawfish, crabmeat, avocado, cucumber, and tobiko, wrapped
with special soy paper and spicy mayo
SR14. Black Dragon Roll
   Shrimp, crab meat, crunchy and spicy mayo inside topped with eel, avocado,
scallion, and eel sauce
SR15. Wisconsin Roll
   Fried eel, mango topped w/ avocado, mayo sauce & black tobiko
SR16. Sunny Roll
   Tuna, crabmeat, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, cream cheese wrapped in
special soy paper with mayo and wasabi mayo
SR17. Green River
   Shrimp tempura, eel, and cucumber inside, topped with spicy crabmeat in
special soy paper with mayo, wasabi mayo, and eel sauce
SR18. South California Roll
   Crab meat, mayo, tamago inside, topped with spicy crabmeat, shrimp,
tobiko toasted, scallion, and eel sauce, spicy mayo